ROY introduced the brand ROY in the Chinese market and develops the brand as well in the new international markets in the USA, ASEAN countries and Europe. ROY operates in two business segments under its brand “ROY”:

Business segment Ceramics
ROY’s in-house ceramic team is based in Klingeneberg am Main in Germany. The team focuses primarily on the implementation of new tiles and designs as for the expansion of the technical tile, such as the high-quality residential tile “Made in Germany”. In the area of ​​high-quality ceramic tiles, ROY concentrates on expanding and optimizing production in Germany, as well as expanding worldwide sales activities via the existing sales system. In addition, ROY is working with the help of an OEM manufacturer in Eastern Europe to produce standard sanitary ware for the Asian and American markets.

Business segment Real Estate
In the real estate business division, ROY plans to establish itself as a reliable and expert partner in all areas of real estate business, especially in project development, as an investor and revitaliser, focusing on the USA. To strengthen the project work, a contract has already been concluded with “YTWO Affirmative” with which ROY can draw on professional support in the fields of project advice, planning, monitoring and procurement. Furthermore, ROY strives to realise all real estate projects with professional and established partners. Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California are the main focus of the real estate activities, but ROY is examining continuous, highly promising projects in the whole USA and outside the USA. These projects will concentrate on the areas of commercial space, single and multi – family.